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The European Union has grants available for individual or community projects. The European Commission, is responsible for the legislation and implementation of the Community’s decisions, offers different forms of Community aid, Direct and Indirect Funding.

Indirect Funding is drawn from structural funding, a combination of National and Regional resources known and put into effect by the Community as “the principle of economic and social cohesion”. National ,Regional and Local authorities duty is to programme aid for their administrative area, publicise, select and supervise the projects and finally distribute the funding.

Direct Funding is allocated by and paid directly to the recipient by the European Commission. All applications for funding have to adhere to the regulations set up by an international partnership.

The Comune di Massa has obtained grants above all from Indirect Funding. In 2006 has applied for direct funding to the European Commission  for the projects listed below  and has obtained financial support.

For information please contact: Ufficio politiche comunitarie: +39-0585-490516

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